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It takes over 2000 gallons of water for the week to run a mist tent on the Esplanade.
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Year 14 "Waking Dreams"
Burning Man 2022

We Are Here Burning Man 2022 Our camp photo from 2022, it was great to be back in the dust!

R2D2 at burning man R2D2 made an appearance this year.

Misty Pearl Art Car at night The Misty Pearl Art Car, all lit up at night.

Misty Pearl Art Car at night from the side The Misty Pearl Art Car, from the side.

Lady Washington Art Car with fireworks The Lady Washington Art Car, with drone fireworks in the background.

Lady Washington Art Car from up high The Lady Washington Art Car, from up high!

Year 13 "Metamorphoses"
Burning Man 2019

Details about our experience at Burning Man 2019 to come...

We Are Here Burning Man 2019 Our group in 2019!

Building camp in 2019 Putting up the misting tent involves a ton of work. Here we are building it in 2019.

Front of camp in 2019 All the hard work pays off. Here's what the front of our camp looked like.

The Cougar Experience Center The Cougar Experience Center was on the prowl!

The Misty Pearl Art Car The Misty Pearl all decked out and ready to roll.

The Misty Pearl Art Car The Misty Pearl art car, going for a dusty ride.

Members of camp, watching a burn. Members of camp, gathering to watch a burn.

Year 12 "I, Robot"
3:45 & Esplanade - Burning Man 2018

It was our 12th year as Northwest Mist, and we were invited to be on the Esplanade for the second year in a row! Maybe this will be our home for years to come.

We Are Here Burning Man 2018 Our camp in 2018, as seen from above.

A few camp mates ready to go out at night A few of our camp mates, ready to go out for the night!

Year 11 "Radical Ritual"
3:15 & Esplanade - Burning Man 2017

We Are Here Burning Man 2017 Our 11th year as Northwest Mist was "Radical". This year, without asking, we were invited to be on Esplanade. We can now say that Northwest Mist has become one of the great camps to have the privilege of being on Esplanade.

We had huge success with a gofundme this year to help fund the water needed for the misting tent on the Esplanade. We couldn't have done it without our generous supporters!

Misty Pearl At Night Burning Man 2017 The Lady Washington art car all lit up and ready to go out for the night.

Year 10 "Da Vinci's Workshop"
3:00 & Guild - Burning Man 2016

Cougar Experience Burning Man 2016 Our 10th year as Northwest Mist was out towards the edge of the city. It’s been a great ride so far. Wade, Diana and Mike greatly appreciate all that our members have brought to the camp over the years.

Misty Pearl Burning Man 2016 While Jared, Brian and I were waiting in line at the DMV a gentleman drove by in his slipper car, stopped and presented us with a package as an award for excellence. So cool to be recognized for all our hard work. - Diana

Year 9 "Carnival of Mirrors"
3:00 & E - Burning Man 2015

Burning Man 2015 group photo Year 9 saw the addition of another mutant vehicle to the Northwest Mist fleet.

Misty Pearl Burning Man 2015The Misty Pearl, a 14 person junk inspired boat with a large red sail and a dragon figure head made her debut.

Year 8 "Caravansary"
3:00 & A - Burning Man 2014

Ticket picture Burning Man 2014 The year of the opening event - rain. Year two in the portal on 3 o'clock.

The Phoenix at night Burning Man 2014Year two of the Phoenix. The Lady providing transport for the Organic Produce camp.

Year 7 "Cargo Cult"
3:00 & A - Burning Man 2013

Front entry sign Burning Man 2013 This year we were placed in the 3 o’clock keyhole on the corner of the pedestrian road. Our numbers swelled to 49 and the misting tent was crowded most of the week.

The Phoenix in day Burning Man 2013We also added a new, mutant vehicle to our camp called the Phoenix.

The Fanny Pack Burning Man 2013The Fanny Pack from England brought class to the playa.

The Dining Tent Burning Man 2013We’ve been known to eat well.

Year 6 "Fertility 2.0"
2:45 & A - Burning Man 2012

Night of the burn - Burning Man 2012 After 2 years close in, Placement once again put us deep in the city on the outside of the 3 o’clock road. Again it was a quite year with little foot traffic. Wade decided we needed our own kitchen tent so a new white 60/30ft commissary tent was added to the infrastructure. Word was out about Northwest Mist and we had 37 members that year.

Year 5 "Rites of Passage"
3:15 & B - Burning Man 2011

Group Photo Burning Man 2011 The group grew to 27 in our fifth year. We had the best weather yet. No injuries or forgotten MV parts as well. A new much larger commissary/kitchen tent was borrowed for year 5.

Dining tent Burning Man 2011On Sunday before the event we participated in “Feed the Artists” with white table cloths and all of us dressed for the occasion. And the Lady sailed again.

Ice sculpture Picture Burning Man 2011Sue and Sandis created the largest ice sculptures seen on the playa. And Mist decorated bodies.

Year 4 "Metropolis"
3:15 & C - Burning Man 2010

Camp at sunset-Burning Man 2010Year 4 had an eventful start. It was very cold set up weather with a major wind storm that rearranged our cooking tents and finished with rain on opening day. Just when you think you have it all under control… Before we even started to set up camp, Wade became patient #1 at Rampart that year with a broken collar bone. Mike and Diana forgot a major part of the mast support for the Lady Washington and the speakers in the Misting Tent blew out requiring a trip into Reno.

Strong winds-Burning Man 2010Windy Saturday forced an on playa quick re-do of the kitchen layout. It was also time to get branded. Diana’s sister Joanne was commissioned to develop our logo.

New tent branding-Burning Man 2010Stormchylde added banners with Pacific Northwest drawings.It was also time to put together a more cohesive décor for the misting tent. Diana sewed 80 feet of tree trunks with the intent of creating the feeling of a grove of trees.

Mutant Vehicle-Burning Man 2010Year 4 had us investigating options for nighttime activities in the misting tent with “80's night at Northwest Mist”. And the Lady cruised the playa again.

Year 3 "Evolution"
2:45 & E - Burning Man 2009

New red striped tent-Burning Man 2009After 2 years of close in addresses, Placement decided to put us further out and on the other side of the 3 o’clock main road. Our street traffic was significantly reduced and we ended up with lots of extra water. It was also the year of almost constant dust storms. The upside was the jam sessions that took place with the neighborhood musicians in the new red striped misting tent.

View of kitchen-Burning Man 2009After several years with the Costco carports, it was time to update the misting tent. The old carports became part of the upgrade to the kitchen.

Year 2 "American Dream"
3:15 & D - Burning Man 2008

With another camp-Burning Man 2008For our second year we were asked to join with other camps to form the “Redirection Connection Village”. Though reluctant to be absorbed by a much larger camp, we found that we could maintain our individual identity while enjoying the benefits of a neighborhood bar and another large mutant vehicle. The prior year, Gallivant was across the street from us and they decided that we had to be part of their village. We found out that resistance was futile. We also made lifetime friends.

Lady Washington Mutant Vehicle-Burning Man 2008With the first mutant vehicle dismantled, it was time for the debut appearance of “The Ghost of the Lady Washington”. Diana had sketched out her ideas while waiting in the exodus line the prior year and with the help of Mike, Phil, Cary, Wade and a host of others, she was introduced to the playa. Based on a 2 person golf cart, it was now an 8 foot wide, 16 foot long, 17 foot tall sailing ship that could handle up to 8 people and fold up to be transported in the back of a horse trailer.

Year 1 "The Green Man"
3:15 & C - Burning Man 2007

In the Beginning…Location Flag Burning Man 2007

It all started one wet March night in Rosie’s hot tub. After several years of doing construction for another camp, Wade decided it was time to start his own. Mike and Diana had joined in the prior year and were on board with trying to put together their own theme camp as well. Several ideas were floated including a Northwest Brewery theme but while filling out the Burning Man theme camp application form they came across “misting” as an interactive activity and thus Northwest Mist was born.

First tent Burning Man 2007The application was submitted and the invitation extended from the Burning Man organization so with 11 members, Northwest Mist arrived on the playa for its first year. With two Costco carports, 6- 55 gallon drums of water and a patio misting system strung under the ceiling, Northwest Mist opened its doors to any hot and dusty playa traveler who happened to walk by 3:15 and C. It didn’t take long before we knew we had a hit on our hands.

Mutant Vehicle Burning Man 2007It was also the year for our first mutant vehicle. Mike and Diana had found their calling and a mobile living room called Solarus Motivus Maximus was brought to the playa. While it was a worthy first effort, it was not destined for a repeat appearance.